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Comparing Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single trip insurance can be a cost effective way to make sure a one-off trip is covered, but if you are going to travel abroad two or three times in a year then an annual policy may be more convenient, and work out cheaper over the year. For those travellers who have no intention of leaving the country other than for one special holiday, and who want to keep the cost of insurance down to the minimum, single trip insurance does mean that they won't be paying for cover that they don't need.

If you plan on venturing oversea more than once a year then annual travel insurance policies are likely to offer a better way of reducing your insurance costs. There are a host of providers of variant types of travel cover so as with all insurance products it pays to compare.

What does single trip insurance cover?

This cover will protect you for a particular, standard range of possibilities that may occur, covering the basics so you can relax and enjoy your break. These can generally include: loss of baggage and theft of belongings and money, injury and illness, holiday cancellation and in the event of an emergency will send you home also.

Cover is available for single people, couples or families and packages are designed so that different levels of insurance can quickly be purchased, which cover range of eventualities. These packages will also dictate the level of excess you will have to pay yourself if you have to make a claim.

What’s the best level of cover for you?

The cost of Single trip insurance tends to appear very reasonable when compared to the amount it could save you. However, the cheaper policies may not offer cover for everything that you require on your trip. Be sure to compare all the features before you commit to a policy. Looking to save money when it comes to insuring valuables and belongings may not be an area you are willing to compromise.

Be aware:

If you travel abroad and find that you loved it so much, that you must stay for longer then you will need to extend your cover. It is extremely important to take this extended cover as most countries, even those within Europe do not have a free health service – if you don’t have adequate cover and find yourself needing medical attention in a foreign country, you could soon find that you are footing a hefty bill for treatment. Not having adequate cover has been known to leave many people thousands of pounds out of pocket.