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Insurance Guides

Use our insurance guides help you get the cover you need

Guide to
car insurance

Guide to car insurance

Car insurance prices continue their incessant journey upwards. Read our guide to get tips and tricks for comparing that you need to get the right cover at the right price.

Guide to home
emergency insurance

Guide to home emergency insurance

When your plumbing, electrics or heating fail it can be very stressful, and home emergency insurance can be extremely helpful. Read our guide to help you understand emergency home cover and how you can get the right policy.

Guide to
home insurance

Guide to home insurance

Home insurance is designed to protect peoples home and possessions against damage or theft and should be seen as the very minimum cover we need for our homes. Read our guide on Home Insurance to learn about the different types of insurance and who they best suit.

Guide to
life insurance

Guide to life insurance

No-one wants to think too much about death, so many people fail to arrange adequate life insurance to protect their family and loved ones. Read our guide to help you select the right policy.

Guide to
pet insurance

Guide to pet insurance

With more of us becoming pet owners, learn what type of insurance you need for your pet and what the benefits are from having pet insurance.

Guide to
travel insurance

Guide to travel insurance

Travel insurance should be just as important as purchasing tickets or packaging your bags when you go abroad. Read our guide to understand why the right travel cover can be a real 'life saver' and how you can get the best deal for you and your family.

Guide to
landlord insurance

Guide to landlord insurance

Landlord’s insurance comes in various formats, but all policies are designed to protect against the risks associated with letting property. Read our guide to understand more about these policies and how they can help you and your tenants.

Guide to private
dental insurance

Guide to private dental insurance

Private dental insurance covers people for emergency dental treatment, injury or simply routine checkups - meaning they are not dependent on the NHS. Read our guide to discover whether dental cover is right for you, and how you can get the best deal.

Guide to private
medical insurance

Guide to medical private insurance

Private health insurance is still relatively unusual in the UK, but for some people it is essential. It can cover people against medical emergencies, hospital stays & beating NHS queues. Read our guide understand the costs and benefits of private medical cover.