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Why get worldwide travel insurance?

Being a jet-setter and exploring other countries and cultures can be great fun, but in the event of an emergency, we tend to want the comfort of home - or as close as we can get when we're several hundred miles away. This is why, before you stray from the beaten track, you need to get the right travel insurance. Whether you're backpacking or taking a multi-location holiday, a worldwide travel insurance policy is probably what you need.

What cover do I need?

With many worldwide policies, you can select the cover options you need, including:

  • Medical/repatriation
  • Lost/stolen luggage/personal effects
  • Cancellation/curtailment

Obviously, when considering personal possessions, this is relatively straightforward (you know what your stuff is worth), but if you're visiting multiple countries, you need to consider what level of medical cover you will need in each. This isn't always easy - what do you know about medical costs in Cape Town, Kuala Lumpur or Kathmandu?

You can't assume that just because the cost of living in a particular country is low that medical costs are. It is often the case that Western-style medical treatment is the preserve of the rich, and prices reflect that. To be on safe side, get as much medical cover as you can reasonably afford - it is always better to be over-insured.