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Compare Travel Insurance

Everyone has heard the scary stories and knows about the high cost of healthcare in the U.S.A. but some travellers make the mistake of thinking that in European countries they will get the same free treatment that they get at home which is not always the case. Even though emergency medical help might be covered in what's known as reciprocal arrangements with some countries the essential travel and after-care treatment may not.

Lost or stolen baggage can ruin a holiday on either leg of your trip and travel companies do not cover you for that loss unless you take out insurance.

Third party cover, that's cover for other people or property that you may damage, should also be a concern, especially in countries where suing for compensation is an everyday occurrence. Unless travel insurance is specified your house or standard life insurance won't cover you for travel.

Many holiday makers who book their trip through a travel agent take the easy option of accepting the agent's own travel insurance. In fact you can sometimes feel that you have to, but that isn't true and like any form of insurance it pays to shop around. Booking insurance online is very easy these days and by comparing what's on offer you can often save money leaving you more to spend when you are away.