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Guide to slashing your grocery bill

In the UK, a family with two children will spend an average of £70 per week on their grocery bill, according to the Automobile Association (AA).

Food prices have rocketed in recent years with various factors playing a part including rising global demand and transport costs, severe droughts and climate change and most people will have noticed that they are spending an ever-increasing amount on groceries. We have designed a guide to show you how to slash your grocery bill and save your hard earned cash.

Start cutting down the bill

Stay ahead of the hunger games.

Why not plan ahead with a weekly menu, so you can assess what grocery items you may need and avoid spending unnecessary cash on impulse items you don’t need.

It may be worthwhile listing the essential items you need over the week for your planned menu to avoid unnecessary wastage. Also by setting a weekly budget and sticking to it.

When planning your menu, it could be more beneficial to cook in bulk, so you can freeze any leftover meals for the future weeks. When doing the weekly shop go on a full stomach, to avoid increasing your grocery bills from unnecessary impulse purchases.

It pays to compare

By taking your time to shop around either online or at the major supermarkets, you could grab yourself some cash saving deals through deciding to shop online, then you could compare prices and deals from the major supermarkets to ensure you are getting value for money. Don’t forget to collect vouchers or loyalty points from the supermarkets as most do them now.

You can spend wisely without compromising on your health, so why not check out the low fat, low sugar, reduced salt and high fibre products. By purchasing supermarket 'own label' products rather than branded items, you could save yourself a substantial amount of cash.

Hunt and gather

You can ensure that you are getting the most from your cash by hunting out the best supermarket deals. Here are a few cash saving tips for your supermarket shopping trip:

  • By shopping for vegetables and fruits in season, you could slash your costs.
  • For savings, it’s worth browsing the reduced items section, which is regularly placed in particular aisles in your supermarket. You could ask when they expect more reduced items.
  • Saturday nights or Sundays can be ideal days to hunt down a bargain or three as generally the supermarkets are quiet, plus nearer to closing time more items may be reduced.
  • Supermarkets within the City of London generally have excellent marked reductions on a Saturday evening as these locations are quiet after the end of the working week.
  • Budget supermarkets such as Lidl, Aldi and Farmfoods are increasing in popularity and have regular lower priced grocery items, as well as increasing brand names. You can purchase your staple groceries for sometimes half the price of the major supermarkets and they offer weekly deals.

Dump your supermarket now

It pays to buy local produce as it can save you time and cash. You can find further information at

Local food items can be bought at farmers markets or even car boot sales, where grocery items are sold for a fraction of the supermarket cost. It’s worth taking your time to compare deals and see what savings you could make.

You could grow your own and save yourself cash either in your garden or by renting an allotment.

Some websites sell out of date groceries, which may be worth a glance as food prices are considerably lower. You could also check out-of-date food websites such as

Bargain hunter

You could make hefty cash savings with a frugal mind. We have given you a few golden tips to save cash in the aisles like buying in bulk you could save yourself hundreds over the year. It may be worth buying staple foods such as potatoes or rice in much larger packs.

Cut out the pre-packaged food and check out the deli section as meats and cheeses can be cheaper, plus you can buy the precise amount you need. Cheaper cuts of meat may be worth buying as they are lower in price and if you choose wisely then you can avoid the fatty cuts.

Collecting loyalty points can save you cash over the months and could be used at Christmas for a larger shop. Always check your receipt at the end of your trip for any errors that may have been made.

Golden saving tips

Finally, you could save yourself further cash by following these final gems for slashing your grocery bill such as investing in a slow cooker and you could save cash - plus any leftover food you could freeze for another week.

By cooking in batches, you can make your meals stretch further and any leftovers could again be frozen.You can save on food costs by swapping your fresh fruit and vegetables and using the frozen alternatives, which retain most of their natural nutrients.

With a few changes, keeping a regular eye on any deals or bargains and sticking to a weekly food budget, then over the long term you could save yourself hundreds.