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*The utilities tool is powered by Energyhelpline, who is fully accredited to the OFGEM Confidence Code. 10% of customers who used Energyhelpline to switch their gas and electricity between 18 Feb 2016 and 23 June 2016 saved £616 a year or more. Survey of over 10,000 switches. When you click 'compare energy deals' you will be taken to Energyhelpline, who will ask you for more information.

Nothing is certain but death and taxes and high energy prices.

But, although the cost of energy will always be high, just how high differs from household to household. Perhaps you're fortunate, and only pay "uncomfortably high prices", but, if you're not, you could be paying "bordering on daylight robbery prices". If you're in this latter group, and the shirt on your back (which you need to prevent twitchy fingers touching your thermostat) looks likely to be the next thing your energy provider wants, you need to consider switching - now.

Why should you switch?

You may have thought that loyalty to your energy company would be rewarded. It isn't! In fact, the longer you stick around, the worse your deal is likely to be.

Conversely, the more you switch, the better your deal is likely to be. It doesn't make sense, does it? It costs energy companies to acquire new customers so why would they not offer better deals to their existing clients?

Well, unfortunately, the solution is also the cause of the problem. Most people don't switch, and regulators reason that this is the cause of high pricing - which it is, sort of. However, their solution to the problem is to demand more switching (they don't have many other options). Since very few people do switch, energy companies need to offer better and better deals to encourage it. Of course, if they are offering great deals to switchers, they need to offset them against poorer pricing for others. So, whilst those who play the switching game almost always win, everyone else loses!

How do I switch?

Switching is easy - Regulators want people to switch, so they have made it simple (three days simple). You won't be cut-off, a new gas pipe/electrical cable will not be run through your prized flower bed, and you won't need to speak your old supplier's cancellations department, to hear them beg or cry for you to stay (as they suddenly realise you are a valued customer). In fact, most of the time you can complete your switch online quickly and seamlessly. The only things that will change are who you receive your bill from, who you give your meter readings to, and the price of your energy.