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Pet ownership can be expensive. Just the cost of general maintenance can make it difficult to keep up with the financial demands, so unexpected bills are very unwelcome. Pet insurance is a great way to ensure you're covered for emergency vet bills, ensuring you have the finances covered should your beloved pet ever require treatment. Whether it's a cat, a dog or something more unusual, many people treat their pets as one of the family, and place the utmost importance on protecting their health and well-being.

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Why get pet insurance?

Although there are other important elements to pet insurance cover, the fear of not being able to afford the treatment that a much loved pet requires tends to be the main reason that many owners consider pet insurance. This makes pet insurance cover extremely important in order to protect your pet, making the cost of getting them back on the mend that little bit easier, having peace of mind that the bulk of the costs are covered.

It may seem like an unnecessary expense to insure your pet, but anyone who has had a similar idea only to find they need to pay out for expensive treatment in order to aid their animal’s health will agree that the hefty cost of vet bills can be a nightmare and far more manageable with pet insurance. You will find that as with all insurance, the range of policies that different insurers offer are vastly varied and can make the process of selecting the best and most suitable cover quite a daunting task. However, this wide range of cover options is actually a positive in your search to find the right cover. Finding specific requirements and comparing the cost of individual quotes allows you a greater choice of benefits and allows you to make a well informed choice before committing to an inadequate deal. This means you can secure the best deal for you and your pet and do so at the best possible price.

Things to look for in a pet insurance policy

Some pet cover providers’ policies won’t cover certain or specific types of treatments that your pet may incur. This makes comparing various quotes and terms vital in order to get the right cover. Watch out for sign up offers! Some insurers incentivise new customer deals by offering a contribution to vaccinations and other new pet benefits which can really help deal with the cost of getting your new friend sorted. Keep an eye out for the ones which offer you the best perks for your needs.

Some insurers will also only cover treatment costs for a particular length of time and won’t allow you to claim after a maximum period has expired so it’s wise to compare a range of providers to ensure that the cover you receive isn’t capped, leaving you to pay for treatment. It is worth noting that as your pet ages, it will become more difficult to find cover and you may see an increase in price from your current provider as they may not offer you an auto-renew quote year on year after your pet reaches a particular age. You must declare all information that is necessary to providers that is relevant to the cost of your quote, as is expected with all insurance policies. If your pet is already suffering with a medical condition, or is receiving ongoing treatment you are obligated to release this information in order for your policy to be valid. This will be asked during the application process. There is a great deal of competition amongst supplier of cat & dog insurance policies, even if you are looking to insure a horse there is a fair amount of choice, but people with more exotic animals and unusual breeds will probably find choice considerably reduced. Often, for people with these types of pets, it is better to contact specific owners clubs as they are more likely to have established relationships with specialist providers.

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